Want to help support Children of Eldair as well as other projects I'm working on? Well there's several different ways you can do that!

1. Disable ad-blocker! Ads are one of the ways I make money of the site, and if you are blocking them, then I don't make that revenue.

2. You can pledge money to me via Patreon and I give you awesome rewards every month in return! You can even see the pages early and hang out with me on livestreams where I take suggestions on what to draw.

3. Visit my Storenvy page! You can buy original art and commission me! I love drawing original characters ^_~

4. Or just donate money to me via Paypal. I will love you forever if you do!

Patron Wall of Supporters!

Anthony Wright

Chad Hardin

Nate Young


Val Hochberg

Khail Ballard


Jared Larkin

Thanks everyone for all of your support! You're amazing!

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