North Amara - Illianya

Elvan Territory
Kuam-Kyo - the capital of Illianya
Nuam-La - A smaller city in the heart of the Chiyo mountain range. It was often traveled to on the way from North Amara into Degora before tension between the elves and humans existed. Now it’s used as a safe haven away from the city.
Ellamulora - Considered the most spiritual place in Amara, it is said that this is where the three angels descended from the heavens to teach the elves magic.

South Amara - Yuillya

Elvan Territory
Siana-Kyo - the capital of Yuillya. This city sits atop a great plateau and spans a canyon that leads down into the plain lands of Degora. Hallren, Hamara, and Kian are from this great city.
The Gates of Yuillya - The only entry point into Yuillya from the north thanks to the hundred-foot walls of the plateau that Yuillya sits upon.
Siana Port - Yuillya’s main port at the bottom of the great plateau and the only entry point to that country on the west side.


Human Territory
Ascent - The capital of Degora and where the Emperor lives.
Sever - Previously known as Rai-La, Sever is the most important trade city in all of the lands. It rests at the heart of three major rivers that connects North and South Amara, as well as west and east Degora.


Sorcerer Territory
Citadel Vael - the most prestigious community in all of Eldair. The most brilliant minds have lived there or at least attended school there. This is where Koe received his education and where his mother and sister live.


- An archipelago off the shore of Eldair, this is where the fairies live.

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