Elemental Blessing

This type of magic is used by the elves. After undergoing a ceremony, they are blessed with one of the four main elements: water, wind, earth, and fire. They access this magic by using motes of energy that is collected in their hair. If they use up all that energy, they have to wait until more motes recollect before they can use more magic.


The Changeling has the unique ability to take on the form of another living thing. Born humanoid, a changeling will come of age, leave his tribe, and go out and find the animal or plant in which he has an affinity with. Once he has found that affinity he lives as it would. His lifestyle and spirit must sync up and after a time as living, thinking, and being that animal or plant, his body eventually can change into it.

The Sight

Fairies have the ability to see glimpses of the future. Individuals may only be able to see small, fuzzy portions, but in groups, there is a greater clarity, understanding, and longer portions of the future can be seen. Seeing the future often requires a great amount of time, dedication, and focus. Some fairies are gifted with better Sight than others.


While humans rarely use magic, there is a small portion of people that use magicianry--a mix of runic scientific alchemy to create magical artifacts. Using their own inner power, Magicians channel energy into runic symbols they then fuse into objects. This type of magic is highly volatile and explosive if done incorrectly. This type of magic is only practiced by males.


Sorcery is by far the most complex and difficult magic system to master. Sorcerers use their staffs to channel energy into complex mathematical algorithms and formulas. These formulas are difficult to master--and even more difficult to create from scratch--but allows for greater diversity in spells.

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