The Eldair Solar Calendar Explained:

The Eldair calendar was created some thousand years ago by the Sorcerers who discovered that their world had a 405 day orbit around their sun. Sorcerers tend to be a very organized people so they created a calendar that was divided up into 10 months, each month having four ten-week days. That left 5 days left over which they consider "leap days". These Leap Days exist outside the normal calendar and are used for the Equinoxes and Solstices, and are automatically considered holidays. The month names are based off of the runic markers visible in the stars during that month, much like our constellations. Since the calendars creation it's been adopted by the other civilizations around the world.

Lunar cycles: 72, 45, 21 LCM 2520 = 6.2 years full moon

The Lunar Cycles:

Eldair has three moons that orbit around it. The Watcher, Eldair's closest moon appears the largest and has a 21 day orbit. The Warrior, Eldair's red moon, has a 45 day orbit and The Guardian has a 72 day orbit and appears the smallest. According to Eldair's calendar, these three moons are full on the same night every six years and two months. These nights are considered highly spiritual, and thanks to tidal pull, create the highest and lowest tides during their six year cycles. And just FYI, the night that Embera, Indri, and Iva were brought to Eldair was in fact, one of these Full Moon's Night. (Hallren and Kian were actually pretty bummed to be spending it out in the woods because crazy parties usually go down on these nights and they have to wait another six years for the next one.)

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